IMPACT in Canada

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Past Research Reports

The Key to Kimberley: Internal Diamond Controls - Seven Case Studies

October 2004
The report examines the implementation of new control systems in Belgium, Britain, the United States, Canada, Angola, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The report recognizes the strengths of the Belgian system if implemented fully but is critical of US, British and Canadian regulations because of weak or non-existent government audits of companies dealing with diamonds. The report is much more critical of controls in the Congo and Angola, however. The report recommends much tougher oversight if illicit diamonds are to be excluded from the legitimate diamond trade.

Fire in the Ice: Benefits, Protection and Regulation in the Canadian Diamond Industry

January 2002
A report on the emerging diamond industry in Canada, specifically in the Northwest Territories; describes elements of the Canadian diamond experience which might be of use in other countries, and examines Canada’s readiness for an international diamond certification system. The report concludes with recommendations for governments in Canada.