Gender Assessments

IMPACT is developing Gender Assessment tools to provide step-by-step guidance on integrating gender and human rights into mineral policies and projects, including those that support the formalization of the artisanal and small-scale (ASM) mining sector.

While there are many well-intentioned policies and activities devoted to improving the management of natural resources in Africa’s Great Lakes region, there are a lack of processes to properly integrate gender, which often leads to unintended negative consequences and amplifies existing inequalities.

Our Gender Assessments tools fill this gap.

The Gender Assessment for Minerals Policy, Law, and Governance enables governments to integrate gender equality at every stage of the drafting, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating of their policies, laws, or institutional processes.

We’re piloting this tool in Uganda, where mineral policy reforms are being proposed.

The Gender Assessment for ASM Technical Assistance and Formalization provides donors, civil society, private sector, and other stakeholders with a framework to ensure the integration of gender equality during the implementation of field level projects.

We’re piloting this tool in Ituri Province, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, at the Just Gold project, which supports the formalization of the artisanal mining sector and provides technical assistance to miners.

The Gender Assessment tools will be refined based on the pilots and will be made publicly available to support the inclusion of gender equality into project and policy reforms globally.


The Gender Assessment project is funded by Global Affairs Canada. Development of the tools began in 2017.

Recent Highlights

Toolkit: Gender Impact Assessments for Projects and Policies Related to Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining

December 2020
Use the new Gender Impact Assessment Toolkit to ensure ASM-related initiatives meaningfully help women and gender equality. Also available in Spanish.