Regulatory and Legal Reform

In many contexts, current laws and policies contribute to new or existing systems that enable natural resource mismanagement. In some cases, regulations that ensure equal access to natural resources while upholding environmentally sustainable practices don’t exist at all.
Transforming how natural resources are managed starts with ensuring the right policies and laws are in place.
We want to ensure laws are developed that strengthen supply chain transparency, end illicit trade and financing, and provide for gender equality and responsible environmental stewardship.

What to we mean by regulatory and legal reform?

Regulations are policies developed by governments or institutions to help guide laws or practices. Legal reform is about examining these regulations and laws to see where they fall short, how they can be improved, and implementing changes meant to strengthen them.

We Reveal

We research current policies and laws that apply to the management of natural resources in areas where security and human rights are at risk, seeking to identify gaps and weaknesses.

We Innovate

Based on our research, we provide sensitization to stakeholders on which policies need to be developed and reforms that are needed to strengthen natural resource management. We provide technical guidance to support the development of new regulations and ensure these regulations promote gender equality and environmental stewardship. We then deliver capacity building and technical assistance to help implement the new regulations. We support policymakers, the private sector, civil society, and local communities, ensuring everyone understands their role in implementation and has the capacity to fulfil it.

We Engage

We advance multi-stakeholder dialogue to support the development of new tools, policies, and reforms that will strengthen natural resource management.