IMPACT, formerly Partnership Africa Canada, has been transforming how natural resources are managed
in areas where security and human rights are at risk for over 30 years.
The mismanagement of natural resources fuels and sustains crisis around the world.


Local populations are failing to benefit from resources in their communities, while climate change has heightened competition over minerals, oil, timber, wildlife and water—contributing to violence. Corruption and weak political systems increase the risk of human rights violations.


We are guided by the core belief and principle that lasting and transformative change in the natural resource sector will come by providing capacity, investment, and spotlight to local actors. Our work focuses on supporting those who suffer the effects and injustice of weak systems—to mobilize and challenge how their resources are being managed.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We transform how natural resources are managed in areas where security and human rights are at risk. We investigate and develop approaches for natural resources to improve security, development, and equality. We are an independent non-profit, collaborating with local partners for lasting change.

We envision a world where resources contribute to equitable peace and development, and where communities are empowered to decide how their natural resources are managed.

How We Drive Change


We investigate, monitor, and analyze how natural resources are managed and how these systems can be improved.


We develop, test, and deliver improved systems for the management of natural resources through technical assistance, information sharing, and capacity building.


We advance constructive dialogue with stakeholders including civil society, policymakers, industry, and communities to improve how natural resources are managed.

Transformation 2018-2023: Strategic Plan

Transformation 2018-2023 establishes our priorities for the next five years as we introduce out new name and visual identity as IMPACT. Our Strategic Plan, global in scope, is the first to address how we will integrate these elements while remaining committed to the groundbreaking research and local partnerships that have defined our work.

Our Pillars


integrating gender equality & environmental protection across our work.


embracing dialogue while partnering with civil society.


pushing the boundaries by testing bold, new models.


basing our work on evidence-based research and evaluation.


providing capacity, investment, and spotlight to local actors.


working in areas of insecurity, practicing and promoting non-violence.

Our Commitment to Accountability

IMPACT has developed a code of conduct and internal policies that outline our commitment to accountability, including to the communities and partners we work with.