We are excited to launch our new strategic plan, Enabling Change 2024-2029. Our new strategic plan is guided by the vision of a world where resources contribute to equitable peace and development and where communities can decide how their natural resources are managed. Enabling Change marks our second strategic plan as IMPACT. Read our first strategic plan from 2017-2023, Transformation here.

Over the past five years, we have worked to strengthen resilience, shift paradigms, pave the way, and break barriers. We now celebrate our successes while acknowledging room for improvement.

For 2024-2029, we re-recommit to our focus areas and approaches while adjusting our goals to better meet current contexts. We welcome growth while undertaking the work necessary to ensure it is strategic, sustainable, and aligns with our mission and values. We name communities as our guiding stars and make Enabling Change the focus of the next phase of our work.

With our renewed strategic priorities, we commit and continue to work towards supporting communities to lead, amplify their voices, and provide them with the tools to lead how their natural resources are managed.

Over the next five years, here is how we will Enable Change:

A: Enable COMMUNITIES to lead

Communities have been the heart of IMPACT’s work since we began. Supporting them to build capacity and skills where needed and to share knowledge with others is key to creating conditions for sustainable peace and development on the ground. To enable communities to lead, we will share technical and policy guidance, facilitate knowledge exchange, and deepen the capacity and expertise of communities to advocate for, test, and implement sustainable solutions

B: Enable SYSTEMIC change 

A lasting impact requires systemic change. In 2024 – 2029, we will engage and expand our strategic alliances and amplify the evidence, expertise, experiences, and value of local communities and partners. We will continue to reveal what drives the mismanagement of natural resources, as well as create innovative tools for stakeholders to contribute towards community-led development.

C: Enable GLOBAL connections

Given the global nature of supply chains and shared challenges of managing natural resources in areas where security and human rights are at risk, there is a growing demand for IMPACT’s expertise in other geographic contexts. We recognize that collaboration is crucial in our interconnected world; over the next five years, we will identify and leverage cross-commodity and sectoral linkages, engage partners and stakeholders to explore the transferability of our expertise, increase data use in transforming natural resource management, and identify and respond to various threats that weaken natural resource management systems.

D: Enable ORGANIZATIONAL development

We are committed to our team’s well-being and growth.  We will prioritize organizational development to ensure our workplace reflects our values and fosters excellence. By investing in our team’s development and creating a supportive environment, we empower them to drive our mission forward.

As we embark on this journey, we embrace the opportunity to build on the results we have achieved together by Enabling Change.

Read the new strategic plan, available online.