We are thrilled to introduce Transformation: 2018-2023, our first Strategic Plan as IMPACT.

Last year in 2017, after 30 years as Partnership Africa Canada (PAC), we were thrilled to introduce our new name and visual identity as IMPACT. It was a major transformation that more accurately reflects our work on natural resource management in areas where security and human rights are at risk.

Transformation: 2018-2023 establishes our priorities for the next five years. Our Strategic Plan, global in scope, will be the first to address how we will integrate these elements while remaining committed to the groundbreaking research and local partnerships that have defined our work.

There is a need for system-wide transformation in how policymakers, industry, and even we as civil society approach the complex issues of natural resource management. It calls for innovation, creativity, and thinking outside of the box—including special attention to gender—otherwise the cycle of insecurity and conflict will continue.

Our strategy focuses in laying the foundation for this system-wide transformation. We’re growing our network, working with old and new partners, while strengthening our team’s expertise and technical knowledge on threats to natural resource management. We’re committed to sharing this expertise and skills with our local partners and communities to support their capacity for local change.

Importantly, we’re investing in transformation internally—in order to support our team to reach our full potential. We know that by looking inwards and strengthening our internal capacity, we’ll be able to more effectively support the important work our partners are doing in areas where security and human rights are at risk.

Together, we’re achieving bold transformations—so that natural resources can contribute to equitable peace and development.