As the final days of 2016 wind down, we are reflecting on the amazing work we do in collaboration with our partners. Together, we are having an impact—developing solutions to strengthen natural resource governance around the globe.

This year, as we celebrate 30 Years of Impact: 1986-2016, we’re excited to share with you our newest Annual Report. Through the special poster format, we spotlight how Partnership Africa Canada is breaking the link between conflict and minerals.

Read through 30 Years 30 Milestones and see how we helped uncover one of the root causes of conflict—the mismanagement of natural resources—and how we’ve been at the forefront of successfully creating meaningful change.

Discover highlights from Partnership Africa Canada’s history….

1986   Our establishment with Canada’s announcement to fund African organizations to address the root causes of poverty.

2000   Our investigation in Sierra Leone that first revealed the link between diamonds and conflict financing.

2003   A Nobel Peace Prize nomination for our work to end the trade of conflict diamonds.

2013   Our support to the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) to issue the first regional certificates for conflict-prone minerals.

2015   Launch of our Just Gold project to bring legal, traceable and conflict-free gold from artisanal mine sites in Democratic Republic of Congo to international markets.

… and so many more.

Over the last three decades, Partnership Africa Canada has significantly transformed, grown, and pushed boundaries. We’re not done yet.

We have many exciting things lined up for next year. As our Annual Report highlights, progress is possible. Don’t miss out on what the next milestone will be!