Partnership Africa Canada is excited to share with you our newly released 2014 Year in Review.

2014 was an exciting year of development for our programmes. We saw the first results from our pilot project, Just Gold, that aims to bring legal, conflict-free, and traceable gold from Democratic Republic of Congo’s artisanal mine sites to the international market.

We’ve also continued to highlight the role trading centers play in destabilizing the Great Lakes region. Our report, All that Glitters is not Gold: Dubai, Congo, and the Illicit Trade of Conflict Minerals, along with research from civil society partners, succeeded in putting the deficiencies of the United Arab Emirate’s internal controls firmly on the radar of mineral governance initiatives.

We’re thrilled to bring you these and other highlights, as we work together in close collaboration with international, regional and local partners to strengthen natural resource governance.

We invite you to read the report online and share widely with your networks.