IMPACT is pleased to present our newly released 2018 Annual Report, Empowering Peacebuilders!

In 2018, we strengthened our commitment to empowering peacebuilders in resource-rich communities.

Through our five focus areas: regulatory reform, transparent supply chains, ending illicit trade, gender equality, and environmental stewardship—we’re developing solutions that address system-wide transformation. By empowering local actors—and women in particular—we’re paving the way for lasting change.

We’re excited to share with you highlights from our work from the past year to transform natural resource management in areas where security and human rights are at risk.

A few milestones from 2018:

  • In May, women in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri Province launched the first association of women artisanal miners in the province, known as REAFECOM. The new association comes after our support and trainings to develop women’s leadership and women’s economic empowerment.
  • In July, we held a workshop in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire about formalization of the artisanal gold sector and actions the government can take to ensure the sector contributes to peace and development.
  • Also in July, we lead a series of trainings for artisanal gold miners participating in the Just Gold project to decrease the use of mercury. We support the local mining cooperative to introduce equipment that will make artisanal gold mining more efficient and mercury-free.
  • In September, we brought together over 100 stakeholders—including women artisanal gold miners from Democratic Republic of Congo—in Ottawa for a full-day conference to discuss innovative responses for natural resources to improve peace and women’s empowerment.
  • In November, 50 Village Savings and Loans Associations began distributing their member’s savings from AFECCOR projects first financial cycle—money which would be invested into new and growing businesses in artisanal mining communities in Democratic Republic of Congo.

We’re delighted to share all of this and more with you in our 2018 Annual Report. We invite you to read it here, and share with your network.