Meet the Network for the Empowerment of Women in Mining Communities (known by the French acronym REAFECOM), the first association of women artisanal gold miners in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri Province.

Formed in May 2018, REAFECOM to represent their interests as women artisanal miners, with a goal of promoting women’s rights in their communities.

In the video, Apoline, the elected president of REAFECOM, shares the importance of the network in amplifying women’s voices from the community.

IMPACT has been working with the artisanal mining communities in Ituri Province to support the integration of gender equality in natural resources management.

IMPACT has been supporting the establishment of REAFECOM and the group’s efforts to empower women in mining communities and reduce barriers that limit their full participation in artisanal mining.

Read more about REAFECOM.

Video by Sven Torfinn/IMPACT