IMPACT has launched a series of training videos to support artisanal miners in improving their health and safety practices at the mine site, as well as to promote gender equality.

Five videos in six languages foster peer-to-peer learning amongst artisanal miners on various topics:

The videos are all available in English, French, and West African languages of Baoule, Dioula, Djimini, and Senoufo.

A previous training video was developed to support training on due diligence. The video, Sensitization on Risks in Artisanal Mine Sites, supports artisanal miners and other actors to understand the type of risks a company gathers information on during its due diligence.

The training videos were developed to foster learning at the mine site and community. These educational videos add to a growing resource library supporting artisanal supply chain actors to improve their practices, and work towards producing and trading minerals responsibly.

All the videos are accessible online here.