Knowledge for Impact

We recognize the power of data.

Data tells us where our natural resources are from, how they got to us, and who was involved at all points of the supply chain. Data can be market information like volumes and pricing, it can be used to manage risk including information related to corruption and money laundering along trade routes, or it can even include long-term analysis to understand who ultimately benefits from these natural resources and how—and who gets left behind.

As responsible sourcing efforts from conflict and high-risk areas ramp up, companies and their consumers want to understand what impact their sourcing has on women, men and children in producer communities, especially in the artisanal mining sector.

The private sector, governments, donors, and civil society are all looking for evidence that demonstrates natural resources are managed responsibly and improving security, development, and equality. Data can also point to negative repercussions, allowing actors to adjust and inform best practices.

Knowledge for Impact is a social enterprise established by IMPACT to support partners to confidently know what type of lasting change they are making on the ground. At the same time, it empowers local actors in the supply chain to own their data and claim its value to advance development, peace, and equality.

Knowledge for Impact deploys IMPACT’s field-tested approaches to supply chain transparency in the natural resource sector, with deep expertise in monitoring and evaluation, supported by advanced and relevant technology adapted to local contexts. It develops innovative solutions with local partners to support transparency and enable artisanal producers and their communities to benefit from the value of the data they provide.

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